The mega-cost of mega-events

Volume 10 Number 7 July 14 - August 10 2014


As we farewell World Cup 2014, Daryl Holland looks at the business of sport: Individuals earning tens of millions for kicking a ball around, and mega-events costing billions but never turning a profit. Where does all the money come from and what defines a successful competition?

Practicum-perfect in every way

Volume 10 Number 4 April 14 - May 11 2014


Ryan Sheales speaks with Peter Scanlon about a Business Practicum project being conducted with the North Melbourne Huddle.

Is the cost of living really rising?

Volume 9 Number 8 August 12 - September 8 2013


Associate Professor Roger Wilkins, Principal Research Fellow and Deputy Director (Research) for the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey explores cost of living issues in Australia.

Innovating a world of possibilities

Volume 9 Number 7 July 8 - August 11 2013

After completing an MBA, Peter Kronborg embarked on a successful corporate career advising and leading individuals and organisations to new heights. He spoke to Camilla Orr-Thomsonabout his journey. 

One destination for excellence in business and economics

Volume 9 Number 5 May 13 - June 9 2013

A historic collaboration between the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics and Melbourne Business School to offer graduate programs
got under way this month. By Eoin Hahessy.

Melbourne entrepreneurs demonstrate potential

Volume 8 Number 12 December 10 2012 - January 14 2013

Acceleration of good ideas using innovative thinking and technology is the purpose of the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) for emerging entrepreneurs from the student, staff and alumni community. By Annie Rahilly.

A balanced response to bias

Volume 8 Number 12 December 10 2012 - January 14 2013

We’re often advised to go with our ‘gut feeling’. But a new study into ‘unconscious bias’ shows we need to slow our thinking down, and strike a balance between responding to what we feel, and analysing why we feel it. That’s especially true when it comes to stereotypes of male and female competencies. Anna Genat is a PhD Candidate in the Centre for Ethical Leadership at the Melbourne Business School. This is an edited extract of a report she co-authored with the Centre’s Director, Professor Robert Wood.

Balancing life and work

Volume 8 Number 12 December 10 2012 - January 14 2013

Forget the commute. Avoid the filthy office kitchen. And never again listen to that colleague with the annoying laugh. New technology and some fresh thinking means the 21st century Australian breadwinner will spend an increasing amount of time working from home.  By Ryan Sheales andAnnie Rahilly.

Landmark agreement paves way for global business education hub in Melbourne

Volume 8 Number 11 November 12 - December 9 2012

The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics and Melbourne Business School have announced they will forge closer ties into the future. By Ryan Sheales.

Melbourne Institute celebrates half a century of insight

Volume 8 Number 10 October 8 - November 11 2012

Over its 50 years the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research has become Australia’s leading and longest-standing economic research institute. A history and conference are scheduled to celebrate its half century. By Eoin Hahessy

Corporate social responsibility, not just a box to be ticked

Volume 8 Number 10 October 8 - November 11 2012

It’s a long way from the top of Australia to its southernmost mainland city. But for a group of business and economics students, the journey proved to be well worth taking. By Gabrielle Murphy

Going off the record

Volume 8 Number 6 June 11 - July 8 2012

For the thousands of people affected by irrelevant criminal records discrimination each year, the past is never really the past. Kate O’Hara looks at a student engagement project trying to turn the tide.