Health & Medicine

Investing in Indigenous health leadership

Volume 10 Number 7 July 14 - August 10 2014


Future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals will have the opportunity for leadership development in health policy and practice thanks to a $10 million gift from leading Australian philanthropist, Greg Poche. By Elizabeth Brumby.

Fighting paediatric brain cancer through research and advocacy

Volume 10 Number 6 June 9 - July 13 2014


Six years after losing their daughter Isabella to an incurable form of brain cancer, University of Melbourne HIV/AIDS researcher Robert De Rose and his wife Khush are working to fund research into this rare and unforgiving disease. By Elizabeth Brumby

Epilepsy: from demons to enlightenment

Volume 10 Number 6 June 9 - July 13 2014


A program to develop an enlightened empathy in medical students for people with epilepsy is being run as part of the Medical Humanities program of the Melbourne Medical School, and a new exhibition in the Medical History Museum, bring new insights into focus. By Annie Rahilly.

Searing of hearts and minds

Volume 10 Number 6 June 9 - July 13 2014


Melbourne hosts the 20th World Aids Conference this month, and a University of Melbourne exhibition documents responses to the epidemic since 1979. By Annie Rahilly.

No longer justifiable: seclusion and restraint practices in mental health

Volume 10 Number 6 June 9 - July 13 2014


Kate Dukes talks to Professor Bernadette McSherry from the Melbourne Social Equity Institute about the Reduction of Seclusion and Restraint Project and the issues which led to its formation.

Designer rice brings nutrition to developing world

Volume 10 Number 6 June 9 - July 13 2014


Dr Alex Johnson is an academic in the School of Botany at the University of Melbourne and heads the Melbourne node of the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics. He has developed genetically modified rice and wheat strains that might one day improve the lives of billions. By Daryl Holland.

Positive psychology at Melbourne strengthened by major gift

Volume 10 Number 6 June 9 - July 13 2014


A major gift of $2.3million from philanthropist John Higgins has strengthened the University of Melbourne's research and teaching in the field of positive psychology – which aims to build psychological health and resilience in individuals and organisations.

Online support for domestic violence to be trialled

Volume 10 Number 5 May 12 - June 8 2014


Improving rates of poor disclosure by victims of domestic violence is the focus of a new online web based project led by the University of Melbourne.

Anticipating technology’s next wave

Volume 10 Number 5 May 12 - June 8 2014


Professor Graeme Clark continues to work to create perfect hearing for hearing impaired people. As he starts a new stage in his already distinguished career, Professor Clark celebrates the next oration named in his honour. Annie Rahilly reports.

Research revelations about life after adolescence

Volume 10 Number 5 May 12 - June 8 2014


Liz Banks-Anderson and Katherine Smith find out how cohort studies – or studies of lives over often lengthy periods – can reveal risk factors for disease, and inform health planning.

Access to deaths data to benefit researchers and patients

Volume 10 Number 5 May 12 - June 8 2014


Annie Rahilly looks at a new scientific collaboration using data from thousands of patients to progress medical research.

Life lessons: a longitudinal study

Volume 10 Number 5 May 12 - June 8 2014


Lisa Zilberpriver talks to Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Professor Johanna Wyn about her long-term research project, Life Patterns.