Health & Medicine

Maximising return on health dollar investment

Volume 9 Number 8 August 12 - September 8 2013


Liz Banks-Anderson spoke recently with one of the world’s leading experts on social determinants to health and wellbeing about the best ways to invest public health dollars.

Maker of life-saving devices

Volume 9 Number 7 July 8 - August 11 2013

Clinical Engineer Academic Specialist in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dr Emmanuel Koumoundouros’ work is leading the way to the development of future new therapies for asthma using sheep, who respond to allergens like humans. He is also involved in giving premature babies a helping hand. By Annie Rahilly.

Putting skills to work for women and families in Cambodia

Volume 9 Number 7 July 8 - August 11 2013

Melbourne alumna Melissa Cockroft is helping vulnerable Cambodian women take control of their reproductive health through education. By Jesse McMeikan.

Promoting oral health during Ramadan

Volume 9 Number 7 July 8 - August 11 2013

Going to the dentist is no one’s favourite activity, but for Australians who were originally Horn of Africa refugees there can be additional disincentives to looking after their oral health. ByGenevieve Costigan.

Translating medical research

Volume 9 Number 6 June 10 - July 7 2013


Sir Gustav Nossal and MUHI students are elevating health standards one vaccine at a time.  By Liz Banks-Anderson.

Turning HIV/AIDS boundaries into frontiers

Volume 9 Number 6 June 10 - July 7 2013


It has been just over 30 years since the first case of HIV in Australia was diagnosed in Sydney in 1982. Since that time, medical research and new treatments have improved lifespans and transformed HIV into a manageable condition. But many challenges remain. By Elizabeth Brumby.

Scholarships support global perspectives for future doctors

Volume 9 Number 6 June 10 - July 7 2013


From the sparse operating rooms of Delhi to the historic halls of Oxford, scholarships are helping medical students explore opportunities across the globe.  By Joe Fennessy.

Time to end polio

Volume 9 Number 5 May 13 - June 9 2013

Scientists across the globe say now is the right time to implement a new plan to eradicate polio, which is currently experiencing the lowest number of cases in the history of the disease. By Rebecca Scott.

Gathering public health evidence in South Asia

Volume 9 Number 5 May 13 - June 9 2013

A new collaboration between the Cochrane Public Health Group at the University of Melbourne and public health researchers in India aims to give low and middle income countries the vital knowledge base they need to identify ways of combating this growing public health issue. By Kirsty Jones.

Leadership critical for health in Indigenous communities

Volume 9 Number 5 May 13 - June 9 2013

Professor Kerry Arabena is the newly appointed Chair of Indigenous Health at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. She spoke to Elizabeth Brumby about the challenges facing Indigenous Australians, and why local and global leadership is critical for Indigenous affairs.

Fighting dengue fever from within the mosquito

Volume 9 Number 5 May 13 - June 9 2013

Scientists have revealed a new technique to introduce disease-blocking bacteria into mosquitoes, with promising results that may halt the spread of diseases such as dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya. Nerissa Hannink reports.

Animals and us: a shared approach to health

Volume 9 Number 5 May 13 - June 9 2013

Veterinary science is moving toward a more integrated, ‘one health model’, with vets and human doctors sharing research and treatment techniques for diseases such as cancers and immune disorders, to benefit both us and our pets.  By Nerissa Hannink.