Health & Medicine

The heart of the matter

Volume 9 Number 11 November 11 - December 9 2013


There has been a huge increase in participation rates for mass sporting events, and a group of clinicians and researchers from St Vincent’s Melbourne is looking at cardiac function in elite-level athletes. Annie Rahilly reports on what physical activity teaches us about the heart.

AMA scholarship for Melbourne medical student

Volume 9 Number 10 October 14 - November 10 2013


Melbourne medical student Ngaree Blow has won the Australian Medical Association’s Indigenous People’s Scholarship. By Zoe Nikakis.

New national guidelines for PTSD treatment in young people

Volume 9 Number 10 October 14 - November 10 2013


For the first time, national guidelines for the treatment of PTSD include recommendations for children and adolescents as well as adults. By Elizabeth Brumby.

Variations on a gene

Volume 9 Number 10 October 14 - November 10 2013


This year is the 60th anniversary of the discovery of DNA’s structure, but DNA’s best years are yet to come, according to Andi Horvath, who explores progress to date in understanding our genetic core.

Bench to bedside: arthritic inflammation and pain

Volume 9 Number 9 September 9 - October 14 2013


Professor John Hamilton has dedicated much of his professional and adult life pursuing the elimination of arthritic pain. He spoke to Elizabeth Brumby about how high quality research, long-term commitment and effective collaboration over the past 30 years has resulted in successful clinical outcomes.

Keeping an eye on the line

Volume 9 Number 9 September 9 - October 14 2013


With AFL football finals on the horizon, research from the Melbourne School of Engineering that offers athletes a crystal-ball approach to maintaining optimal wellness of vulnerable knees and joints is making a difference to at least one football club. By Annie Rahilly.

Improving the wellbeing of family carers

Volume 9 Number 9 September 9 - October 14 2013


Rebecca Scott shares the experiences of a family carer and how new strategies have improved the lives of those caring for the terminally ill, and for people who want to die at home.

Navigating the nutriscape

Volume 9 Number 9 September 9 - October 14 2013

We’re swimming in food but we’re not eating well, and our waistlines are steadily expanding. Has the developed world lost the plot when it comes to nutrition?  And is the developing world far behind us with a tide of obesity and associated diseases? Katherine Smith speaks to expert Gyorgy Scrinis on the sociology and politics of nutrition about problems with what he has termed “nutritionism”, as well as to a group of young ‘activists’ who are imagining a world free from non-communicable diseases.

Maximising return on health dollar investment

Volume 9 Number 8 August 12 - September 8 2013


Liz Banks-Anderson spoke recently with one of the world’s leading experts on social determinants to health and wellbeing about the best ways to invest public health dollars.

Maker of life-saving devices

Volume 9 Number 7 July 8 - August 11 2013

Clinical Engineer Academic Specialist in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dr Emmanuel Koumoundouros’ work is leading the way to the development of future new therapies for asthma using sheep, who respond to allergens like humans. He is also involved in giving premature babies a helping hand. By Annie Rahilly.

Putting skills to work for women and families in Cambodia

Volume 9 Number 7 July 8 - August 11 2013

Melbourne alumna Melissa Cockroft is helping vulnerable Cambodian women take control of their reproductive health through education. By Jesse McMeikan.

Promoting oral health during Ramadan

Volume 9 Number 7 July 8 - August 11 2013

Going to the dentist is no one’s favourite activity, but for Australians who were originally Horn of Africa refugees there can be additional disincentives to looking after their oral health. ByGenevieve Costigan.