On the MAP: Start-ups boosted by unique funding program

Volume 10 Number 7 July 14 - August 10 2014


Chris Weaver explores a leading program supporting innovative young businesses to get off the ground.

25 years of giving

Volume 10 Number 5 May 12 - June 8 2014


Joe Fennessy investigates the extraordinary philanthropic career of Dr Bill Holsworth.

Moving women to the frontline of military history

Volume 10 Number 5 May 12 - June 8 2014


In popular culture, the personification of the Anzac legend is the young, fearless soldier facing relentless resistance and wholesale injury and death at Gallipoli. Recent Australian scholarship, however, looks behind the line, to position women at the very centre of the First World War. By Gabrielle Murphy.

Committed to reconciliation

Volume 10 Number 4 April 14 - May 11 2014


When Australia’s first Indigenous university graduate commenced her studies in 1957, there was a lot of publicity but not a lot of support. But when she returned to her alma mater in 2014, Margaret Weir found herself no longer one, but one among many. Gabrielle Murphy reports.

Greening the skies

Volume 10 Number 4 April 14 - May 11 2014


The push for ‘greener’ energy solutions extends beyond the home and the car, with researchers in Australia and India working towards a more sustainable fuel for the world’s aircraft. By David Scott.

Industry partnership to grow next generation of architects

Volume 10 Number 3 March 10 - April 13 2014


A new partnership between Dulux Australia and the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning will create enhanced industry links in the areas of paints, colours and coatings, including developing cutting-edge research. By Rebecca Scott

Looking at images of Muslim women

Volume 10 Number 3 March 10 - April 13 2014


Annie Rahilly talks to the researchers behind a project looking at the content and effects of images used in contemporary human rights campaigns of Muslim and ‘other’ women, why such images drive global campaigns, and how they enable and constrain the participation of Muslim and immigrant women in public life in Australia.

Indigenous cultural sites under the spotlight in new national study

Volume 10 Number 3 March 10 - April 13 2014


A national study has investigated Indigenous cultural sites around Australia to determine how they bring benefit to Indigenous communities and the potential for a major cultural venture in the heart of Melbourne. By Rebecca Scott.

Supporting education in Samoa

Volume 10 Number 3 March 10 - April 13 2014


Taylor Callaghan has led a group of Trinity College residents to help establish an undergraduate scholarship to benefit Samoan students from areas devastated in a 2009 tsunami. Stuart Winthrope speaks with him about Project Poutasi, the group’s effort to improve education in a disadvantaged community on the island.

Global experience shaping rural health advocacy

Volume 10 Number 2 February 10 - March 9 2014


Sometimes you have to adopt a global outlook to address local challenges. Medical student Skye Kinder is doing just that – and doing great things for rural health in Australia. By Kate Dukes.

What makes a good workplace?

Volume 10 Number 2 February 10 - March 9 2014


People management deficiencies are the major challenges to quality workplaces. Susannah Woodward explains the role of the new Centre for Workplace Leadership in addressing these challenges.

Thought-leaders, impact-seekers

Volume 10 Number 1 January 13 - February 9 2014


Bold ideas have the power to change lives – that’s the philosophy behind The Big Idea, a nation-wide competition designed to get undergraduate university students thinking about social justice. By Kate O’Hara.