What makes a good workplace?

Volume 10 Number 2 February 10 - March 9 2014


People management deficiencies are the major challenges to quality workplaces. Susannah Woodward explains the role of the new Centre for Workplace Leadership in addressing these challenges.

Thought-leaders, impact-seekers

Volume 10 Number 1 January 13 - February 9 2014


Bold ideas have the power to change lives – that’s the philosophy behind The Big Idea, a nation-wide competition designed to get undergraduate university students thinking about social justice. By Kate O’Hara.

Chinese Gateway project builds 12th century replica and cultural ties

Volume 9 Number 12 December 9 2013 - January 12 2014


University of Melbourne students have embraced the opportunity to build life-size ancient Asian architecture, by Rebecca Scott.

Social media in the Library

Volume 9 Number 12 December 9 2013 - January 12 2014


Maya Borom looks at the way the University Library engages users – not only students – with social media.

Exhibition of Holy Land pottery – excavated by archaeology’s leading light

Volume 9 Number 12 December 9 2013 - January 12 2014


Dr Louise Hitchcock explains how items of Bronze and Iron Age pottery on show at the University’s Ian Potter Museum of Art were excavated in Jericho and Jerusalem by the most influential woman archaeologist of the 20th century, Dame Kathleen Kenyon (1906–1978), and how they continue to stimulate generations of students.

Liveability ranking under threat

Volume 9 Number 11 November 11 - December 9 2013


Rebecca Scott speaks with Director of the Melbourne School of Design Professor Alan Pert about challenges to Melbourne’s liveability status.

Forging the future of healthy cities

Volume 9 Number 11 November 11 - December 9 2013


Louise Bennet speaks with Professor Billie Giles-Corti about her research background and the McCaughey VicHealth Centre’s role in leading a new National Centre of Excellence in Healthy, Equitable and Liveable cities.

The most liveable city?

Volume 9 Number 11 November 11 - December 9 2013

Locals are smugly satisfied every time Melbourne is named the world’s most liveable city, but what does that really mean?  What work is going on behind the scenes to make Melbourne ‘liveable’? And how will we retain our liveability crown in the face of growing population pressure and resource challenges? Life-long Melburnian Zoe Nikakis explores the issues.

Painting a true picture of Indigenous birth numbers

Volume 9 Number 10 October 14 - November 10 2013


Academics have long suspected that from colonisation Aboriginal births have been significantly under-reported across Australia. A new study has confirmed just how dramatic this distortion has been. Gabrielle Murphy reports.

Reaching out to Doxa cadets

Volume 9 Number 9 September 9 - October 14 2013


A small team of Melbourne PhD students has worked with the Doxa Youth Foundation to suggest better ways for them to reach their target audience of disadvantaged youth. By Rebecca Hobden.

Blazing tales: Australia’s relationship with bushfire

Volume 9 Number 9 September 9 - October 14 2013


Laura Soderlind speaks with researchers from the Centre for the History of Emotions who are preparing a major conference and large-scale investigation into the idea of fire shaping our national identity, and its various cultural representations.

Analysing psychoanalysis

Volume 9 Number 8 August 12 - September 8 2013


Maya Chanthaphavong reviews the recently published Psychoanalysis is an Antiphilosophy by the School of Culture and Communications’ Justin Clemens.