Almost half of all people released from the prison system become homeless

Volume 11 Number 6 June 8 - July 13 2015

Laura Soderlind reports on a new study that shows a significant number of people released from prison will become homeless.

Weeding out worker exploitation in the food supply chain

Volume 11 Number 6 June 8 - July 13 2015

Melbourne Law School’s Dr Tess Hardy writes that to protect the rights of agricultural workers key market players, such as high-profit supermarkets and fast food chains, need to work with government to shoulder some regulation responsibilities.

Labor MP Mark Dreyfus’ candid return to alma mater

Volume 11 Number 5 May 11 - June 7 2015

Andy Walsh speaks with Law alumni, former Attorney General and politician Mark Dreyfus about his views on Australia on the international stage.

Charting legal history on the Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary

Volume 11 Number 4 April 13 - May 10 2015

This year is the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, which effectively established English Common Law and brought all men, king and commoner alike, to live subject to the laws of the land. Andy Walsh previews a forthcoming lecture on the document and its legacy by leading British legal historian Paul Brand.

Destination Australia: how did we end up here?

Volume 11 Number 3 March 9 - April 12 2015


In recent years, events at sea, on Nauru and Manus Island have seen Australian asylum-seeker policy come under sharp public scrutiny. And although the boats may have stopped, over 50 million refugees remain scattered around the world. University of Melbourne researchers believe it’s time to change the face of the debate. By Elizabeth Brumby.

Writing history in pictures

Volume 11 Number 2 February 9 - March 8 2015


With the question of treatment of child refugees continuing to prick our national conscience, a new historical study explores how visual imagery of this vexed and divisive issue has changed over time and continues to impact government policy. By Gabrielle Murphy.

The leadership challenges for Victoria in 2015

Volume 11 Number 1 January 12 - February 8 2015


Experts in economics, management, health and education explore the pressing changes that will face the recently elected Andrews Labor government in 2015. These views were first published in fuller form on the Election Watch Victoria website.

Check your voting direction with Vote Compass

Volume 10 Number 11 November 10 - December 7 2014


Dr Aaron Martin, a political scientist advising the ABC/University of Melbourne Vote Compass project explains its workings. By Jo Chandler.

Can democracy be salvaged for the 21st century?

Volume 10 Number 10 October 13 - November 9 2014


Public Policy’s Mark Triffitt explores the woes, challenges and opportunities of democracy in the 21st century.

Why we care about equality and why we should

Volume 10 Number 9 September 8 - October 13 2014


Dr Jeremy Moss, Director of the Social Justice Initiative at the University of Melbourne, reflects on why we care about equality.

Laureate Fellowship for historian of child refugees in Australia

Volume 10 Number 9 September 8 - October 13 2014


World-class research into the history of child refugees in Australia has been recognised by the Australian Research Council (ARC), who recently announced Professor Joy Damousi as a recipient of an Australian Laureate Fellowship.

The mega-cost of mega-events

Volume 10 Number 7 July 14 - August 10 2014


As we farewell World Cup 2014, Daryl Holland looks at the business of sport: Individuals earning tens of millions for kicking a ball around, and mega-events costing billions but never turning a profit. Where does all the money come from and what defines a successful competition?