Science & Nature

The art of complex systems

Volume 8 Number 6 June 11 - July 8 2012

A Victorian College of the Arts Masters graduate in Fine Art and a University of Melbourne astrophysicist have come together to design an interactive drawing experiment enacting complex systems. By Rebecca Scott

Walking the green mile to climate agreement

Volume 8 Number 6 June 11 - July 8 2012

International climate conferences often end in stalemate. By Chris Weaver.

Cleaning up an unforgiving landscape

Volume 8 Number 6 June 11 - July 8 2012

Dr Meenakshi Arora has been part of a project led by Professor Geoff Stevens from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Melbourne to clean up the contaminated sites in Australian Antarctic Territory. Annie Rahilly reports on her contribution to the ‘clean team.’

Bird colour variations speed up evolution

Volume 8 Number 6 June 11 - July 8 2012

Bird species with multiple plumage colouring within the same population evolve into new species faster than those with only one colour, according to a new study which confirms a 60 year-old theory of evolution. By Nerissa Hannink.

Olympics: Culture, Commerce, Hype

Volume 8 Number 6 June 11 - July 8 2012

Mega events such as the Olympics and the World Cup, are celebrations of the national and the international, bringing together transient, transnational communities every four years. But behind the competition for individual and national glory, the lavish opening and closing ceremonies, and the crowds of excited fans, are ongoing issues. In the month before London 2012, Zoe Nikakis asks the question: is the Olympics the culturally and historically significant event it’s said to be, or is it all just commerce and hype?

Geothermal heats up

Volume 8 Number 5 May 14 - June 9 2012

A new project by infrastucture engineers at the University Of Melbourne is piloting ways of using geothermal energy for heating and cooling buildings. By Annie Rahilly.

Girl’s own adventure

Volume 8 Number 5 May 14 - June 9 2012

The University community recently celebrated Nancy Millis’s 90th birthday, and her significant contribution to agricultural science. Annie Rahilly reports.

Eco researchers to the rescue

Volume 8 Number 5 May 14 - June 9 2012

An important new research study is using malleefowl to develop and test state-of-the-art strategies to combat major threats to biodiversity in arid ecosystems. Gabrielle Murphy reports.

Capitalism - the mother of green invention?

Volume 8 Number 5 May 14 - June 9 2012

The carbon tax will be implemented in July, but University of Melbourne research indicates that low carbon transformation will require a culture of innovation driven by the competition inherent in capitalism. Nerissa Hannink reports.

Finding balance for dry seasons ahead

Volume 8 Number 5 May 14 - June 9 2012

Emma Clark looks at an Australian-first water efficiency study that has made significant advances in balancing the water needs of farms and rivers.

Protecting crops

Volume 8 Number 4 April 9 - May 13 2012

University of Melbourne scientists have received funding for a collaborative, cutting-edge research project in the priority area of food security through Australia’s largest bilateral science fund, the ‘Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) Grand Challenges program’. By Silvia Dropulich.

Uni lab ‘hands on’ for VCE chemistry students

Volume 8 Number 3 March 12 - April 8 2012

Year 12 Chemistry students from all over Victoria recently visited the University of Melbourne for hands-on practice with state-of-the-art, multimillion dollar research equipment. By Nerissa Hannink.